Though there is no way to guarantee that your ads are going to be successful or viral, especially on social media, there are many ways to create content in a thoughtful and meaningful way.

Firstly, keep in mind the quality/relevance score which measures the quality of your content. Facebook , for example, will rank your ads and the better the score, the better your ad is performing and the more overall success it is seeing. With many digital platforms, the higher this score, the more visible the ad and a reduction in the cost of the ad.

Here are 5 suggestions that will help you boost this score and your ads’ performance across all digital channels:

  • Specific Targeting; make sure that your audience is specific and defined. You can reach a broader audience for sure, but that comes with the tradeoff of ad performance. The more specific and well defined and understood your audience is, the better your ad will perform because it will be easier to target and create content that is deemed relevant.
  • Create ads that incorporate elements that your audience can relate to or that resonates with them. This may mean using pictures, images, colours or language that is familiar to and resonates with your audience, whoever that may be. Images actually account for over three quarters of the performance of ads, making them a real asset if and when used properly.
  • Timing is everything; make sure to refresh your ad as the concept of ad fatigue kicks in over time as your audience sees the same ads over and over and over again. A month is about the timeframe where a given ad stays relevant and performs well before the returns start to diminish.
  • Test! Testing is important because, as we mentioned, there is no guaranteed formula for success when it comes to digital ads.