With the advertising space being so vast, largely in part due to the increased prominence and reliance on social media and digital advertising, it is important to consider each marketing channel and platform to ensure that you are investing your time, money and resources in a place that makes sense and generates returns for your organizations. Let’s look at some different channels and plaforms:

  • Print advertising; this tool can be costly and has recently been criticized for being a waste of environmental resources when there are digital alternatives. With that said, advertising in prominent or relevant magazines can be impactful if that is where your target audience goes for information.
  • TV/Radio; this channel is also expensive but is still used by many. Short and funny ads often resonate well depending on your audience. Make sure to have the budget to do these ads properly and not just for the sake of doing them.
  • Facebook; this is the platform online with the most amount users, which often means the most reach for your organization. With over 2 billion users (more than the combined population of China and the US), Facebook is a great opportunity because chances are, your audience is on Facebook. Ads on facebook should be more of a lead ad, because ads that are too ‘in your face’ are ignored by users who typically just scroll through their feed. Create these lead ads so that members don’t have to do much leg work. Be careful as this platform has had some data issues recently
  • Twitter; twitter is a great way to actually advertise through conversation. Check hashtags that your audience uses to find new and prospective customers or clients. Use the ongoing conversations within the hashtags to personify your brand
  • Instagram; 60% of users of this platform have indicated that they have found new brands using this network. Visual content is key here.