Why does your organization need a marketing professional or PR Manager? Behind each marketing initiative that a company undergoes is a marketing strategy. Part of this now includes and heavily focuses on the social and digital space. It is important to include these platforms when developing a promotional plan. With that said, social and digital platforms should not replace other marketing methods and initiatives but should do the opposite; should actually compliment them as it offers another channel to provide the same, complementary or follow up messages.

Your overall marketing strategy should have sub-strategies as well because managing social media marketing and managing offline marketing require different tactics, resources, timelines and plans. Your social media strategy will help you expand and link your other efforts which help you work on expanding your reach to a wider audience in a natural and relatively organic way. Social media is also one of the best tools to build brand awareness, as the content can resonate with the right audience in a way that creates awareness and a strong brand. You can put your content, your brand and your message right in front of your customer without a billboard or tv ad and you can do it in a way that is personal and meaningful.

Social media strategies allow you to also map and look at where your audience is and what they need as well as adapt to their changing preferences, for example, the increased popularity of the multi currency wallet and be there in real time. Word of Mouth is now an online phenomenon and is, as many marketing professionals know, one of the most important means of marketing that there is with over 70% of consumers who will recommend a good online experience to friends, family and peers.

Social media strategies are important in executing social media efforts in a way that ensures it is used as effectively and efficiently as possible.