Social media is an ever evolving and changing and therefore marketing and PR personnel and managers must work hard to keep up with all of this change. They must work to keep up with changing algorithms, new channels and platforms, new features and the ways in which their target audience, competitors and society at large interact with them. Being adaptive is crucial in the social space.

Recognizing the ways these changes implicate and offer risk and opportunities for your brand and business is important. In order to keep up with these changes and to make sure that your social media strategy is relevant and in line with business goals, there are a few things to consider outside of the actual social or digital space itself:

  • Legal challenges and issues; you must make sure that as social media changes and as your presence on these platforms changes and evolves as well, that you are aware of the legalities of each post as well as the overarching terms and policies that each unique platform has in place.
  • Crises happen; Make sure you have a crisis plan to make sure that if a crisis ever happens on social media that you are able to plan and act quickly to mitigate and minimize the impacts of this crisis and the peripheral impacts. Using things like app cracker can definitely help.
  • Organizational expectations; understand that the other people in your organization turn to you as the social media subject matter expert. Take that opportunity to make sure everyone is following the same best practices and that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the ways in which the organization interacts with and actually views and perceives social media.
  • Individual social media presence; asking individuals to use a certain tone or voice when posting on their personal accounts about your brand or in general will help create an even stronger brand.