Public relations and marketing managers/professionals work hard and have an important role to play when it comes to one on one relationships with various customers and important stakeholders, that play a role in business success. How do they build all of these one on one relationships in an efficient and cost effective way?

One way is through direct contact. This puts a face and voice to your brand. This means that if someone comments on a post or thread, respond. It can be that simple! It can also be retweeting not just influencers and high profile users who use and promote your product or service, but regular individuals as well.

Another way that they do this is by turning people’s frowns upside down. By demonstrating that you are both listening and hearing what it is people are unhappy about, you are automatically lifting their spirits. Showing you care and genuinely want to improve their situation and your own services or products means a lot to consumers, and often has a ripple effect, as these unhappy customers feel heard and tell their friends who then know your brand.

A third way that the marketers in your organization can and should create one to one relationships with consumers is by responding to questions. They put their ear to the ground to hear what customers are asking. This includes on and to your social media accounts but also in the general digital space or on general topics like coin website, with hashtags, in groups related to your industry or company, etc.

One final way that the marketing experts can enhance your brand through one to one engagement is by going above and beyond. Though listening is important, and we have discussed this but being proactive or getting ahead/starting the conversation is a great way to engage individuals as well. For example, tips and tricks are often appreciated.