Another marketing job function is the analysis of marketing and ad campaigns. This means beyond the ROI, what is the content and/ or ads doing for you, what do their success or failure mean? What does it all mean and how do you use the information and understand the success of your social media efforts?

Looking at your data as a whole before you undergo any social media efforts is a great way to start and to set a benchmark. One way of doing this and of capturing this snapshot is by doing an audit or a deep dive into each social media channel or platform that you or that your organization uses. Look at what people are saying, what you are posting, etc. This provides valuable insight into what your customers are saying, as well as trends in the industry or marketplace and allows you to adjust strategies or existing content to be more in line with business goals and objectives. This audit will provide you with plethora of data and without somewhere to put it or organize it, the above mentioned analysis will not be possible. There are a lot of support sites and software to help you organize and analyze social media data or you can use a simple spreadsheet.

Once you have your benchmarks and baselines, you can decide on your KPIs and metrics for each social media channel that will help you keep your thumb on the pulse. PR and marketing managers are responsible for, depending on the strategies and business objectives, determining what defines success in terms of your social media efforts and campaigns. It is important to make sure that there is a good balance of these KPIs, not too little that will falsely make your efforts look weak but not so many that the data and success is unclear.